About Us

We are (Best Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet) Provider

Tianji Data was established in Shenzhen, China, and the team was established in 2018. Since its establishment two years ago, it has been committed to the ecological construction of blockchain. Its products include DappOnline, TJWallet, etc.We are the best multi cryptocurrency wallet providers.We secure your funds in our safest wallets.

DappOnline is the world’s leading blockchain ecological application store. It uses “DApp big data + DApp application + blockchain ecology” as the framework. Information, evaluation, analysis, recommendation, etc. can all be consulted. It is loved by many users all over the world;

TJWallet is another product of Tianji Data. It provides a one-stop digital asset management solution with a dual ecological guarantee of “software wallet + hardware wallet”, which fully combines the security of hardware wallets and the ease of use of software wallets. 

Software wallets can manage blockchain assets with one click, and provide BTC, ETH, TRX, Filecoin, ACL, and all ERC20, TRC10, TRC20 and other digital asset transactions and transfers and other fullchain asset management; hardware wallets act as flash drives and Offline storage of the user’s blockchain private key, the full name is offline disconnection operation, the private key will not leave the hardware wallet, the entire transaction verification process is completed in the hardware wallet itself. The encrypted currency stored in the wallet remains offline and cannot be hacked.

TJWallet is the first digital wallet tool in the 2020 star project IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem that supports F1/F3 full-chain full-function transaction transfer.