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TJ Wallet providing smart gadget for safety of your funds and you can place your order at Crypto Hardware Wallet Shop.The One-stop Solution for your Digital Assets. Securely store and manage crypto offline. The Best Hardware wallet solution engineered for maximum security and simplicity.


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W1 Secure Hardware Device

Back up your crypto hardware wallet and make your private key indestructible
Protect your private key in 8mm aviation aluminum alloy.

  • Water resistance
  • High-temperature resistance -20°C to +60°C
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Standard credit card size :105mm * 60mm * 8mm
  • Color: Space Gray
  • Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight:100g

Mnemonics Secret Box

Securely store and manage your digital assets offline.

  • Multiple encryption technology
  • Support ETH, BTC, FILECOIN etc…and 2000+ tokens
  • Open‑source auditability
  • Easy backup & recovery
  • Material: Titanium Alloy, New Electroplating Process
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to +60°C
  • Size:60mm * 12mm * 4mm
  • Color: Space Grey
  • Weight: 10g

TJ Wallet Mobile App

  • Manage 40+ coins including BTC, ETH, FILECOIN, and 2000+ tokens.
  • Import multi-signature addresses, sign and send multi-signature transactions.
  • Access ETH, EOS, TRON, and other blockchains with more than 3000 high-quality DApps